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Youth League Rules

Ages & Divisions 2018-10-19T12:01:41-05:00
  • Age divisions will be based upon grade level during the academic school year.
  • Age divisions are: K4 – K5, 1st and 2nd Grades, 3rd and 4th Grades, 5th and 6th Grades, 7th and 8th Grades, and High School (9th – 12th Grades)
  • Players can not play in a lower grade level but may play up one level.
  • Player’s birthday can be no greater than one year beyond the age cut off for that grade.
  • No player will be allowed to play on two teams at any time during the season.
Team Composition 2018-10-19T12:42:19-05:00
  • The minimum number of participants on a team will be five (5). A team can play with less than five (5) players during a game but must start with five (5) unless the opposing coach consents to play against four (4).
  • There is a maximum of fifteen (15) certified players per team.
  • The maximum number of coaches on the team bench will be three (3).
  • Players may not change teams in a season once they have are certified
  • A player may only participate with the team they are certified for.
  • The use of ineligible players (players not certified by Hoop Theory League for suspect team) will cause the coach to be suspended for a minimum of one (1) game and all games that involved that individual will result in a forfeit.
Uniform and Equipment 2018-10-19T12:03:58-05:00
  • All teams are required to have matching jerseys and letters.
  • All players must have a white uniform when the home team and must use legal numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5) or combination of these.
  • All players must have an away uniform when the visiting team.
  • Failure to have a valid number will result in a team technical when the player tries to enter the game and that player will be suspended from playing until the jersey is correct.
  • Jerseys must have permanent numbers on both front and back of jersey (no tape or markers).
  • Coaches are role models and should dress accordingly. Clothing such as casual (basketball or athletic) shorts and/or “cut-off” shorts, warmup suites, t-shirts, jerseys, and hats are not permitted. Proper attire must be neat, clean, and portray a positive image for all Hoop Theory League participants.
  • All players on each team must wear jerseys that are matching in color and which have a permanently affixed, non-duplicated number on the front and back of jersey.
  • Players must wear shoes that are designed for indoor wood court surfaces. NO “turf shoes” or other black-soled shoes will be allowed. Players may not play barefooted or in stocking feet.
  • Hoop Theory League reserves the right to approve/disapprove any team logo, language or uniform deemed lewd, vulgar, obscene or suggestive in order to maintain a wholesome environment conducive to providing quality leisure opportunities.
  • Referees may ban any equipment that they deem as unsafe or illegal.
  • Jerseys must be tucked in at all times during games.
  • No jewelry may be worn at any time during the game.
Playing Rules 2018-10-19T12:18:49-05:00


  • Teams should be present thirty (30) minutes before game time.
  • Playing time per game: Each player is required to play the equivalent of HALF of each game.
  • A starting line-up must be turned into the Official Scorekeeper 15 minutes prior to game time. Line-up must include last name, first name and jersey number.


  • K4/K5: An official game shall consist of: four (4) eight-minute quarters. The clock will stop at the 1st dead ball under 4-minutes of each quarter at which time the coaches may make substitutions. Clock will not stop.
  • 1st/2nd Grades: An official game shall consist of: four (4) eight-minute quarters. Teams may substitute players at a “dead ball” near the 4-minute mark but players will NOT line up. Coaches must instruct them on who they are guarding before entering the game. Clock will not stop until the last minute of each HALF.
  • 3rd/4th Grade: Teams will play two, 20-minute halves with the clock stopping under ONE minute in each half.
  • 5th/6th Grade, 7th/8th Grade, High School: Teams will play two, 20-minute halves with the clock stopping under TWO minutes in each half.
  • Halftime: 3-5 minutes per division.

Basketball Sizes:

  • K4/K5 will utilize a 27.5” ball.
  • 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, 5th/6th and all Girls divisions will utilize a 28.5” ball.
  • 7th/8th Grade and High School will utilize a 29.5” ball.

Goal Heights:

  • K4/K5 will utilize a 6 foot goal.
  • 1st/2nd Grade will utilize a 8 foot goal.
  • 3rd/4th Grade will utilize a 9 foot goal.
  • 5th/6th Grade & above will utilize a 10 foot goal.
  • The “three – second” lane violation rule will be in effect for only 3rd grade & above Division Games.

Full Court Press:

  • 2nd Grade & Below: Pressing is NOT allowed.
  • 3rd/4th Grade: Pressing is allowed in the 2nd HALF ONLY.
  • 5th Grade & Above: Pressing is allowed ALL game.

Mercy Rule:

  • 3rd/4th Grade: If a team is up by more than 15 points, that team cannot full court press. They will receive a warning on the first incident and a technical foul on the coach for the 2nd.
  • 5th & Up: Teams may press at will in 1st half regardless of score. In 2nd half, teams may NOT press if they are up 20 points or more.
  • The ten-second rule for offensive teams to advance the ball past half court will be in effect during all games EXCEPT for K4/K5 Divisions.
  • Three Point Shot, all shots made behind the 3-point arc will be counted as such.


  • Pre-K thru 2nd Grade: Teams will receive 1 timeout per half
  • 3rd Grade & Up: Teams will receive 2 timeouts per half.


  • All substitutes must check in at the scorer’s table and wait for an official to allow them to enter the game.
  • K4/K5: players will lineup at half court at the beginning of each quarter to determine who they are guarding.
  • 1st/2nd Grade: Substitutes may come in at the 4-minute mark of each quarter.
  • For 1st grade & above, there will be “free substitutions”. Coaches may sub players in at any stoppage in play. There will not be an official Substitution Timeout.


  • One (1) Coach may stand during the game.
  • All other coaches must remain seated on the sideline during game play, except during substitutions (Exception: In K4/K5, 1st/2nd Grade Divisions, One (1) Coach will be allowed on the game floor with the players, but will not impede game progress).
Fouls 2018-10-19T12:23:10-05:00
  • K4/K5, 1st/2nd Grade Divisions, a player may not foul out.
  • 3rd grade & above divisions, 5 fouls committed during the game will result in that player having to set out the remainder of the game.

Foul Shots:

  • K4/K5, 1st/2nd Division: Foul shots will be taken from the adjusted, painted foul line closest to the rim.
  • 3rd/4th Grade & Up: Division: Foul shots will be taken from the painted foul line.


  • After 6 Team Fouls, all fouls will result in a 1-1 shot for the player the foul was committed against. (Player will be given 1 shot, if it is made, they will be granted an additional shot. If the basket is not made, play will resume on the rebound of the shot if possible).
  • After 9 Team Fouls, all fouls will result in an automatic 2 shots for the player the foul was committed against.
  • All Team Fouls will reset at Halftime.
Overtime 2018-10-19T12:24:38-05:00
  • No Overtime will be played in K4/K5, 1st/2nd Grade Divisions. Games can end in a tie.
  • For 3rd Grade and Above, a (1) one-minute overtime will be played at the end of regulation. If there is a tie at the end of the overtime period, the game will go to a sudden death play. Sudden Death will be started with a Jump Ball in Center Court. Game will end after one team makes a basket.
  • For the Overtime Period, Coaches will be given ONE additional time-out.
Inclement Weather 2018-10-19T12:25:57-05:00

Hoop Theory League will contact your coach for information on any cancellations.

Conduct/Discipline Policy 2018-10-19T12:27:43-05:00
  • Any player, coach, or manager ejected from any league game will be suspended for a minimum of two (2) league games.
  • Players, coaches and managers who have been suspended must leave the facilities and grounds immediately or the team will forfeit the game.
  • Each team manager and coach will be held responsible for the conduct of his or her fans/spectators.
  • Physical violence, especially attacks on a game or league official immediately before, during, or after a game, or fights/confrontations between players/teams will result in a minimum of one (1) year loss of eligibility in all league play or indefinite suspension in all league play; subject to an annual review if requested.
  • The referees/Hoop Theory have the authority to remove players, coaches, or spectators from the game and/or forfeit the game due to unsportsmanlike conduct.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct shall include, but not be limited to, profanity, threats of any kind toward the referees or scorekeeper, fighting (before, during or after the game), or any flagrant foul as determined by the referee.
Protests 2018-10-19T12:28:37-05:00

There will be no Protests of calls. All calls made in a game are final.

Amendments 2018-10-19T12:29:33-05:00

Hoop Theory League reserves the right to add, delete or amend the rules/regulations/polices for the betterment of the program.

Standings 2018-10-19T12:38:09-05:00
  • Regular Season Standings will be used to determine playoff seeding.

Standings are determined as follows:

  • Best overall record

Standing Ties will be broken based on:

  1. Head to Head Play: The team that wins the head to head competition between the two tied teams will be the higher seed.
  2. Defensive Point System: A total defensive point system will be used if teams are still tied. The team with the lowest points allowed will determine the teams’ order of placement.
  3. Offensive Point System: A total offensive point system will be used if teams are still tied. The team with the highest points scored for the season will determine the team’s order of placement.
  4. Coin Toss: If two teams remain tied a coin toss will determine the team’s order of placement.
Fines, Suspensions and Appeals 2018-10-19T12:44:56-05:00

Should a fine or suspension be imposed against a Member, a coach, player, or parent from that association, the association shall have thirty 48 hours to appeal the imposition of that fine to the Hoop Theory League Board. TheHoop Theory League Board will review and rule on the appeal within 48 hours of the appeal request. Should they fail to appeal and win that appeal to theHoop Theory League Board, the fine shall stand and the association shall pay the fine within ten (10) days of any decision on the appeal. Should the Member fail to pay the fine for any reason whatsoever, that association shall be 7 put on suspension from the Hoop Theory League and shall not be allowed to participate in any Hoop Theory League decision until that fine has been paid. Should that fine remain unpaid at the conclusion of the season, that local association may be removed from the Hoop Theory League by an affirmative vote of the majority of the Hoop Theory League Board members.

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