After testing the NBA waters, Nigel Hayes returned for his senior season at Wisconsin, where he’ll pursue Big Ten player of the year honors and attempt to lead the Badgers to the conference title in 2016-17.

That’s months from now, though.

Right now, he’s busy dishing out Stone Cold Stunners, the signature move of former WWE star Steve Austin, to his teammates on the Wisconsin campus.

It’s unfair, really.

In this video, freshman Michael Ballard is the first victim. Then redshirt sophomore Matt Ferris holds up his hand to congratulate Hayes, but the senior forward ain’t having it. Ferris gets a Stunner too. Then, as Hayes goes for the pin on Ferris, we see that a third, unknown man is down too. Where did he come from?

Don’t worry, Wisconsin fans. Hayes is drinking two cans of ginger ale (Austin preferred cold beer) tossed to him by teammate Aaron Moesch while Brevin Pritzl films the entire incident.

Hayes said he discovered the idea from this video on Rudy Gay’s Instagram.

This is a magical production and could turn the #StoneColdSteveAustinChallenge into the next #RunningManChallenge. The latter turned Maryland’s Jaylen Brantley and Jared Nickens into viral stars after the duo made an appearance on “Ellen.” That’s the goal, Hayes said.

“I saw this video on NBA player Rudy Gay’s Instagram,” Hayes told “Told the guys this looks fun and we’re doing it. Hopefully it takes off like the Running Man Challenge and I end up on ‘Ellen.’ Haha.”