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A. Player release forms (rosters) and a signed copy of the league rules are due to the league commissioner on or before the first games of the season. Each roster will be permitted twelve (12) players in the men’s leagues, and fifteen (15) in the women’s leagues. New players may be added to a roster anytime.

B. Everyone who plays in league competition must sign a player’s release form (roster) to release Hoop Theory, team sponsors, and any other person connected with League Basketball of any responsibility in case of an accident. If a team plays a player who is not officially on the roster or the roster is not to the Hoop Theory league commissioner prior to the team’s first game of the season, an automatic forfeit will be declared and the coach will receive a two (2) game suspension. This is automatic, and it is not required that the opposing team file a protest. Players must show a picture ID if requested.

C. No player shall be allowed to play on more than one (1) team.

D. If a team disbands during the season and the reason for the team dropping from the league was legitimate, all players on that team are eligible to be signed by another team without a waiting period.

E. A $5.00 fee will be assessed each player that changes teams with a written release from the coach of the team the player is leaving.

F. The Hoop Theory League Commission will place each team in the proper league by taking into account team personnel and previous league standings. If a team has five (5) or more returning players and won their division the preceding year, they will be required to move up one (1) league the next year. If the team does not move up after winning their league, at no time will they be permitted to carry more than four (4) players from their previous year’s roster. The season will be divided into two (2) halves. If a team wins the first half of the season, they must move up to the next highest league.

G. All high school league participants must be at least 14 years of age or older.


A. All leagues will be governed by GHSA playing rules using twenty (20) minute halves with the 2 following exceptions:

  1. Only three (3) one (1) minute time-outs per half, per team.
  2. Each half will last five (5) minutes.
  3. Clock will run on all infractions, including fouls, until the last two (2) minutes of the first half and the last two (2) minutes of the game.
  4. During the last two (2) minutes of the first half and the last two (2) minutes of game, the clock will stop for all infractions, unless a team is trailing by fifteen (15) or more points in the second half.
  5. Each game will consist of two (2) twenty (20) minute halves.
  6. There will be three (3) shots awarded on a technical from the bench and two (2) from the floor.
  7. No dunking during warm-ups.
  8. Players must check-in and out at the official’s score table.
  9. Overtime will last two (2) minutes with the clock stopping on all infractions.

B. If a team has only four (4) players, the opposing team has the option to accept a forfeit or playing four (4) on four (4). A fifth player may enter the game upon arrival to the facility; however, if it is after half time, the game must continue play as four (4) on four (4).

C. All teams will be allowed a five (5) minute warm-up period prior to their scheduled game. Any team not having at least four (4) players ready for play at the scheduled time will be compelled to forfeit, except for 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. games, which are allowed a ten (10) minute grace period.

D. A written, legible line-up must be given to the official scorer ten (10) minutes prior to game time, along with a designated team captain.

E. Athletes who participate after January 1 in the organized basketball season will be excluded from participating.

F. Official referees, scorers and timers will be furnished by the Hoop Theory League Commission.

G. All teams must wear shirts or jerseys of the same color with a legible non-duplicating number on the back. No tape or hand-written numbers allowed!

H. Tie Breaker Rule for League Standings: Head-to-head competition; points scored between teams tied. If they are still tied, it will be the least points allowed for the season.

I. The League Commission will make all decisions on protests concerning eligibility, etc. No protests will be accepted on an official unless there is a misinterpretation of a rule.

J. Any protest concerning eligibility or rule interpretation must be filed in wilting with the Superintendent of Athletics within 24 hours of the game in question. When making a protest, you must notify the official and scorekeeper immediately. You will also be required to give the official 3 scorer a $25.00 protest fee when you notify him of your intent to protest. If you win your protest, your fee will be returned. If you lose the protest, as it is not a valid protest, you must forfeit your fee. Only the coach or team captain may file a protest.


A. Any player or coach who has two (2) technical fouls called on him in one (1) game, or is ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct, is automatically ejected from the gym immediately for that night. The player or coach will automatically draw a two (2) week or two (2) game suspension whichever is longer. If the foul is flagrant enough to cause bodily harm, the player or coach will be suspended for one (1) year from the date of the foul. The person will have to apply to the Parks and Recreation Commission to be eligible to play one (1) year from that date.

B. Individual technical fouls will be carried over from game to game. Any player receiving two (2) technical fouls in one game or three (3) technical fouls in a season will be suspended for two (2) games.

C. If an ejected player refuses to leave or re-enters the gym on that same night, the team he or she plays for will automatically forfeit their game. In the event such action does occur, that individual is automatically suspended from further league play until reinstated by the Hoop Theory League Commission.

D. Each team must designate a team captain before each game. Only the team captain can confer with officials. Anyone else will constitute a technical foul. If a team has three (3) technical fouls called in one (1) game, they must forfeit the game. Each team is responsible for the action of their fans.

E. Any player or coach ejected for the second time during the season must be reinstated by the Hoop Theory League Commission.

F. Any player, coach or team, who in the opinion of the League Director is detrimental to the function of the league, may be permanently barred from league play by the Hoop Theory League Commission. G. Extreme profanity toward or the laying of hands upon an official will result in an automatic suspension of one (1) year. After the one (1) suspension period is over, the player must be reinstated by the Hoop Theory League Commission prior to being eligible to play. Scorekeepers and clock operators are considered officials.


When bad weather conditions exist which might force cancellation of scheduled games, each team manager is responsible for contacting the Hoop Theory League Commission office to get the official notice of cancellations, if there is one. You should NOT CALL UNTIL AFTER 12:00 P.M. of the day of your game, as decisions will not be made until this time. All postponed games may or may not be rescheduled. The decision will be at the discretion of the League Commission. Listen to your local radio stations for notice regarding games after 5:00 p.m.

Games that are rained out will be rescheduled for a later date in the season. We understand that it becomes increasingly difficult to field a team when seasons are extended due to excessive (2 or more) rain delays. This may result in the scheduling of double headers (two games in one day) to make up for rained out games.


First and second place trophies will be awarded in each league for each half of the season. Trophies not picked up before the beginning of the new season, will not be issued. All players must sign below stating that they have read all the above rules.